Stomping Grounds owner leaving Greer, store's future in doubt

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Lisa Suber walked into Greer wanting to own/operate a coffee shop and wine bar.

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Lisa Suber walked into Greer wanting to own/operate a coffee shop and wine bar.


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The Stomping Grounds became an iconic downtown Greer landmark.

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The Stomping Grounds became an iconic downtown Greer landmark.


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Artists were invited to promote their work on the walls of Stomping Ground.

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Artists were invited to promote their work on the walls of Stomping Ground.


• Read Lisa’s complete post here.

Few people imagined a North Carolina woman educator could waltz into downtown Greer and spark a renaissance that would signal the economic rebirth and cultural birth of greater downtown Greer.

That’s what Lisa Suber (married Grey Garland March, 2013) did. With her son, Jackson, making their temporary home in a loft nearby, Lisa became the synergy that embraced downtown.

“Let’s meet at the Stomping Grounds” became Greer’s compass to the future. The rustic Stomping Grounds sign is a focal point for all things referenced in the central business district.

Lisa, in a solemn Facebook post, announced she is leaving Greer before school begins in North Carolina and is looking for investor(s) to keep Stomping Ground in business.

“It is with great heartache that I am announcing that I will be leaving my beloved town of Greer soon to return home to North Carolina,” Lisa posted.

“As most of you know, I have experienced personal losses recently that have been very difficult for me and my family. There are also other events in my personal life that have taken a toll on me, both emotionally and physically,” the posting read.

“… I realize that it is only God steering me in the direction that He wants me to go. And I have to be obedient.” Lisa wrote. “I have always tried to put others before me, and the present time is no exception. My number one thought and concern is always my son. He is my life . . . first and foremost. There are others in my life right now who need me as well. And it is time to step up and put my own wants and desires aside, and do what is best for my son and for other parties involved.

“. . . With that being said, there is the business of the business. Stomping Grounds . . . the place where we beat the odds and were able to make it something special for me, my family, my employees, my friends, and for a few customers in between. Unfortunately, it can no longer be part of the mix. What I NEED to do and what I WANT to do are no longer congruent. . . . Although I have said it before, I am finally and actually giving up my sad attempt of trying to take control over my life and putting my trust in the Lord. 100% this time,” Lisa posted.

“I would love to be able to sell the shop to someone who will give it the same TLC that we have given it over the years,” Lisa wrote.

Word of mouth was the Stomping Grounds biggest and only advertising campaign and food and drink – a menu board dedicating its sandwiches and lunch specials named for friends who frequented the store. When television stations wanted visuals with an audience, Stomping Grounds was the benchmark.

The Stomping Grounds story has been well documented at GreerToday. Within the seven years, six months of existence, here are some of the back stories that made the Stomping Grounds so invaluable to every person searching for their niche and Lisa’s unequivocal passion welcoming everyone to come in, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine, and make your dream come true.

• Southern Hills Lavender, an ultra successful Greer lavender farm, had its Greer roots at the Stomping Grounds where Mary and Tim Bergstrom finessed their business and marketing plan.

• Cliff Harpst, a WWII veteran from the midwest, became a hero in residence at the Stomping Grounds. Harpst was said to be the inspiration behind the Freedom Blast’s Military Walk of Honor. Harpst was the best man at Stomping Grounds owner Lisa and Grey Garland's wedding.

• Bunny Sedmont Bennett released her first published novel ­– “Trinity’s New Song”, a Christian romance book, at a May 2014 book signing at the Stomping Grounds. Arvie Bennett, Bunny’s musician husband, made several appearances there.

• Lowes Foods “unofficial” office was the Stomping Grounds as Greer became the first of its stores in the Upstate. President Tim Lowe frequented the store with execs meeting in the back. Virtually every small/boutique business in downtown Greer had strategic meetings at Stomping Grounds.

• Storytelling thrived at the Stomping Grounds. Steve Porter told both tall and true Cowboy poetry tales, the Greer High School oldies drew some of the biggest crowds and open mic provided others a way to promote their craft.

• Musicians – Elizabeth Wood, Noel Riddle, New York City’s Christine Santelli, and a host of others graced the quaint staging area.

• Artists had their works displayed for sale, giving Stomping Grounds a gallery-like appearance.

• Gamers, of the card and domino variety, routinely had lunch/dinner and made an event of their gathering.

• Fundraisers for Leanna Morris, raising money to build churches in third-world nations, businesses selling Greer made ornaments, Christmas cards, and discount cards have been a mainstay at Stomping Grounds as a way for Lisa offering her business as a one-stop shop for non-profits and boutique businesses.

• The Chocolate Toad, owned by Sheilah Springfield, began producing muffins, cakes, pies and pastry out of an area provided by Lisa.

Lisa’s mission statement was “to provide superior beverages, food, and customer service. SG strives to be a warm and inviting establishment in which people can come to and feel as comfortable as they would at home.”

Mission accomplished. The Stomping Grounds became the heart and soul of Trade Street.





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