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Gibbs Cancer Center at Pelham takes root
APR 26, 2012

William Hyslop, President and CEO of MD Anderson Physicians Network, talks to the invited guests at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Gibbs Cancer Center at Pelham. Dr. William Murphy, board chairman of MD Anderson Physicians Network, is to the side.

Greer got something way better than a shot in the arm from the doctor’s office today.

The Gibbs Cancer Center at Pelham celebrated a groundbreaking, forced indoors by rain, for a $7 million, 10,000-square foot facility offering radiation and medical oncology in one location. The Cancer Center will employ 15-20 associates when it opens in spring 2013.

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Walmart Neighborhood Market moving into construction phase
APR 19, 2012

The Walmart Neighborhood Market will feature ammenites like this full-service cafe. The Greer Neighborhood Market will be the first in South Carolina for the Walmart brand.

The Walmart Neighborhood Market and Greer Plaza is moving into the façade and parking lot construction phase.

The Greer Planning Advisory Committee discussed the city’s code and ordinances leading into the construction phase with David Graffius of Gray Engineering Consultants.

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Michelin investing $750 million, will create up to 500 new jobs
APR 10, 2012

Michelin will build a new Earthmover tire plant in Anderson County and expanding its existing Earthmover tire facility in Lexington.

Michelin North America will again expand its operations in South Carolina, it was announced today by Michelin North America's Chairman and President Pete Selleck.

Michelin, the largest manufacturing employer in the state, is breaking ground next week on a new Earthmover tire manufacturing plant in Anderson County. The company is also expanding its existing Earthmover tire facility in Lexington.

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Countybank opens Pelham Road office
APR 5, 2012

Brent Garrett is the Countybank Financial Center Manager at Pelham Road.

Brett Garrett’s seven-year wait to take over a Countybank Financial Service Center ended this morning at the Pelham Road office.  “I was the first one here because that’s the way I wanted to begin my job here,” Garrett said.  I was super excited this morning. I love and accept the challenge.”

Two-thirds of the 9-person staff are new hires. “We’re happy to open this new building with six new associates at this time in our economy,” Garrett said.

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