How to re-watch Hollywood history

Published on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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How to re-watch Hollywood history

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Streaming media is transforming TV and movie watching, but the convenience and ability to binge watch favorite shows aren't the only benefits. Super-fans of a specific actor or genre can geek out like never before thanks to unprecedented access to libraries filled with beloved stars and film categories.

For example, before they were famous, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars appeared in smaller movies, such as low-budget horror films or indie teen comedies. Most people don’t even remember Bradley Cooper as one part of a romantic triangle in the offbeat comedic drama “Bending All the Rules,” or Gerard Butler in the tearjerker romance “One More Kiss"

“Before they were famous, many actors starred in projects they may not put on the top of their resumes,” pop culture expert Maude Garrett said. “Even Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, played a werewolf in a small indie thriller called ‘Wolves.’ “

The archives of the movie world are steadily growing as older films make their way into digital libraries and streaming servers.Take a closer look at the early careers of today’s hottest names with these movies featuring famous actors before they became big stars:

  • Jason Momoa in “Wolves” (2014), “DeBug” (2016) or “Sugar Mountain” (2015)
  • Gerard Butler in "One More Kiss" (2000)
  • Cate Blanchett in “Little Fish” (2005)
  • Bradley Cooper in “Bending All the Rules” (2011)

To make the most of your viewing experience, put the right technology to work for you, no matter where or how you plan to enjoy your venture through Hollywood history:

Quality audio. External noise distractions can ruin a great plot, but noise-cancelling headphones can put you back in the action in minutes by eliminating unwanted sound and letting you focus on the audio you want without interference.

Ample power. If you’re notorious for forgetting to charge your devices, or if you’re simply planning an extended trip, be sure you have plenty of backup power on-hand.

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