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GSP short-term parking permanently closed
AUG 20, 2012

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport’s short-term parking lot permanently closed today as construction is set to begin on the North Wing of the terminal. Fencing is being erected around the lot and construction is set to begin soon.

The GSP terminal improvement program's North Wing will expand into what is now the short-term lot, and when finished will temporarily house airline ticket counters and offices. In addition to eventually housing the airport’s administration offices, the North Wing will also serve as the first phase build-out of the future second baggage claim area.

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GSP short-term parking lot closes Friday; Aug. 20 deadline to remove cars
AUG 7, 2012

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport at Greer will close its short-term parking lot Friday morning for new car entry. All cars currently parked in the short-term parking lot will have until Monday, Aug. 20 to exit. 

The short-term parking lot will permanently close as construction begins on the North Wing of the terminal. Once completed, the North Wing will sit in what is now the short-term lot and it will eventually house the airport’s administration offices.

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The community wraps its arms around a Fallen Hero
AUG 2, 2012

Those who knew Adam Ross or wished they had known him flooded the sidewalks three and four deep, their young and old faces etched with remorse and respect, pride and humility, hurt and solace.

At 1:24, the small charter plane taxied across the tarmac at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer. It seemed to move gently to a stop at Stevens Aviation as if mindful of the precious cargo it carried. A few yards from a hearse, it rolled to a stop. When its deafening engines finally fell silent, all that could be heard was the sobbing of a young girl.

There was no breeze on this sweltering August afternoon. No shade as the family of Private First Class Adam Ross, killed July 24 in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, sat in folding chairs on the hot expanse of concrete beneath a hazy blue sky. No respite for the hundreds of friends and family and fellow soldiers who stood along the fence with American flags in their hands and tears in their eyes.

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