GREER NEWS From January 2013


Schools awarded Education Foundation grants to support programs
JAN 31, 2013

Allison Rosemond, a career specialist at Greer Middle School wants to get her pilot’s license but hasn’t quite made her way to flight training school.

Rosemond, however, is providing 6th grade students in the Gateway to Technology program, an opportunity to see the bustling aviation industry in South Carolina with a series of field trips to witness the building of aircraft (Boeing in Charleston), their maintenance (Donaldson Aviation Center) and a visit the Greenville Downtown airport.

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Shoppes On Trade maintains boutique vendor businesses
JAN 30, 2013

Kendra Glenn, right, and vendor Tracy Brandon get together for a photo today at the Shoppes On Trade. Glenn was explaining plans to add more artisan vendors and a small deli and spa services.

The Shoppes On Trade is open for business under new management and the new moniker at 211 Trade Street.

Kendra Glenn, whose family owns the building they renovated, will run the vendor-oriented business and is entertaining adding a deli and space for spa service.

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Greer Black History Month program to honor Woods
JAN 30, 2013

The City of Greer's Black History Month program on Feb. 8 will honor the late Dwight Woods, longtime director of Phillis Wheatley’s Repertory Theatre.

The City of Greer's Black History Month program on Feb. 8 will honor the late Dwight Woods, longtime director of Phillis Wheatley’s Repertory Theatre.

The Repertory Theatre is scheduled to participate in the program, according to Greer City Councilman Wayne Griffin.

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Greer State Bank reports significant improvement in 2012
JAN 29, 2013

Greer Bancshares Incorporated, the parent company of Greer State Bank, reported strong growth in 2012 with a net profit of $4.18 million. That followed the previous year's net loss of $2.794 million.

Greer Bancshares Incorporated, the parent company of Greer State Bank, today reported an annual net profit of $4.18 million after TARP related expenses of $723,000.

The results show significant improvement from the previous year’s net loss of  $2.794 million after TARP related expenses of $625,000.

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Walmart Market grand opening set, hiring ongoing
JAN 29, 2013

Walmart Market grand opening set, hiring ongoing

The Walmart Neighborhood Market has set a Feb. 20 grand opening and is still hiring.

Construction is nearly complete in the first Neighborhood Market to open in South Carolina. Associates are stocking shelves in the 48,000-square-foot store at 805 W. Wade Hampton Blvd. A full line of groceries and assorted merchandise will be available.

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CPW commissioners approve aggressive Grease Strategy
JAN 29, 2013

A collection container for used cooking grease sits near the dumpsters behind BIN112. It is used to make biofuels. Other captured FOG are forwarded to landfills in enclosed containers.

Greer CPW has its sights set on being more active policing FOG  – fats, oils and grease – that may have accumulated within its sewer system.

Commissioners on Monday approved a more aggressive Grease Strategy, mostly through an education program for CPW customers. But violators will be fined if residential and commercial customers are unwilling to comply.

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Allen Bennett campus has prospective buyer
JAN 28, 2013

The Allen Bennett Hospital campus is in due diligence with a prospective buyer for the two-building campus – the hospital and the Roger Huntington Nursing Center.

A suitor for the Allen Bennett Hospital campus is undergoing its due diligence with the City of Greer, according to City Administrator Ed Driggers.

Meanwhile, the City is in the final steps remedying DHEC’s latest request to put closure to about 1,500 gallons of a diesel fuel spill in 2010.

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Freezing rain, sleet forces schools to dismiss early
JAN 25, 2013

Cold overnight temperatures froze this fountain at a business on Pelham Road. Temperatures are scheduled to remain below freezing most of tjhe day with the forecast of freezing rain, sleet and a light snow with only a dusting.

Freezing rain is falling in the greater area making bridges and overpasses treacherous and forcing school districts in Greenville and Spartanburg County to dismiss classes.

The temperature at 10 a.m. was 26 degrees with some freezing rain. Sidewalks were beginning to see slight patches of ice pellets.

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CPW hosts festival to commemorate 100th anniversary
JAN 25, 2013

Greer CPW is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a day of celebration on April 27 at the administrative and operations complex. The family-oriented event will feature music, food and activities and end with a fireworks display at 8 p.m.

Greer CPW is celebrating its 100th year of service to the greater Greer area and has scheduled a day of celebration for the public to enjoy.

A Centennial Celebration is scheduled at the administrative and operations complex on Saturday, April 27 from 4-8 p.m. that will provide music, food and end with a fireworks display at 8 p.m.

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Dylan Arms gets gold ticket to Hollywood, among top 100 Idol finalists
JAN 23, 2013

Dylan Arms, from Greer, earned a ticket to American Idol’s next round in Hollywood, Calif. He was a seminalist in 2011 Greer Idol and appears at Springwell and greater Greer venues.

Dylan Arms, from Greer, earned a ticket to American Idol’s next round in Hollywood, Calif.

Arms, 20, auditioned in Charlotte in November, and that venue was broadcast tonight on FOX. However his appearance was fleeting, despite moving forward.

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Commissioners are briefed on IT security at GSP
JAN 23, 2013

Jack Murrin, intentionally or not, put a bug in commissioners ears this morning that IT security has come a long way in the past three years, but there is a long road ahead to maximize security at GSP.

To emphasize Murrin’s point, he included “awareness training for staff” on his list of to-dos at GSP.

“We must tell our employees not to pick up found USBs in the parking lot and stick them in the computer,” said Murrin, Chief Financial Officer at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport at Greer. “Employees are 60 percent likely to stick a USB into the computer and if it has a brand or logo on it, it’s 90 percent more likely they will put it in.”

Murrin was presenting an IT security update to the GSP Board of Commissioners.

“We have come a long way in the past three years, with one IT person and a $20,000 budget,” Murrin said. “I was the IT person. Now we have two on staff and they have taken us light years ahead.” Murrin’s report illustrated the fragility of the regional airport.

The presentation was particularly timely with the South Carolina Department of Revenue getting hacked last Oct. 10 with a security breach compromising 3.6 million Social Security numbers. That attack also exposed 387,000 credit and debit card numbers.

Murrin said he communicated with the DOR inquiring about GSP’s status with the hacking incident. “I was satisfied with the DOR answers,” he said, without elaborating.

“We want to make it as hard as we can as fast as we can to prevent hacking into the GSP system,” Murrin said. “We’re probably getting attacked tens of thousands of times per month. The origins of these threats are worldwide.”

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GSP authorized to sell property to Port Authority for Inland Port
JAN 23, 2013

GSP commissioners authorized the staff to finalize an agreement with the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) for the sale and/or lease of certain Airport District Property at a $28,500 per acre to SCPA for the Inland Port Project.

Dave Edwards, President/CEO of Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer was given the authority to execute the necessary documents subject to review by legal counsel.

The commissioners announced the move following executive session after its regular meeting this morning.

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Burns, Sullivan in runoff for House District 17
JAN 23, 2013

Mike Burns and Chris Sullivan will face a runoff on Feb. 5 in the Republican Primary for the House District 17 seat representing northern Greenville County.

Burns missed outright election by eight votes, needing 50 percent plus one vote, in Tuesday’s primary, getting 49.96 percent. He received 1,114 votes, among five candidates.  Sullivan received 874 votes.

Burns and Sullivan own businesses in Travelers Rest.

No Democrat filed for the seat and unless one does after the Feb. 5 runoff, the Burns-Sullivan winner could be sworn in without requiring a special election on March 12.

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City Council approves three rezoning ordinances for Gibbs Shoals development
JAN 22, 2013

A 36-unit housing project at East Suber Road and Gibbs Shoals Road received a boost from City Council tonight when it approved three of four annexation and property rezoning requests on second and final reading.

A fourth rezoning request for a small parcel was tabled. A former investor in the property died last November leaving the legal ownership to be remedied.

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Uplinger Officer of Year, Blackwell is Supervisor of Year
JAN 22, 2013

Greer Police Officer of the Year, Detective Ginger Uplinger

Detective Ginger Uplinger was recognized as the Officer of the Year and Corporal Kara Blackwell the Supervisor of the Year for the Greer Police Department.

Officers and citizens were honored at last Saturday’s annual awards banquet held at the Cannon Centre.

Those honored are:

Officer of the Year, Detective Ginger Uplinger

Supervisor of the Year, Corporal Kara Blackwell

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Diversity is enthusiastically embraced at MLK Luncheon
JAN 21, 2013

Allen Smith, President and CEO of the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, is congratulated on his keynote address at today's Dr. Martin Luthern King, Jr. Day luncheon at Greer City Events Hall.

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Greer Police is proactive visiting schools, churches
JAN 21, 2013

Greer Police Chief Dan Reynolds was on vacation Nov. 14 last year when a lone gunman massacred 20 children and 6 adult staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

By the following Monday morning Reynolds assembled his staff to assess the Greer Police Department’s plan to react to any incident that would threaten the safety of children and teachers.

This week will begins a continuing education program with all schools and churches.

“Every incident is 911 all over again. Every act like this is domestic terrorism,” Reynolds said as his voice got more commanding as he sat up straight behind his desk. “We hear Newtown every day and every hour. Now we’re dealing with people’s perception and responding to feeling and fear.”

Reynolds pointed to the recent incidents in the upstate last week:

• A 17-year-old male student at Byrnes High School, last Monday, was reportedly overheard saying he would kill his ex-girlfriend, students and faculty at Byrnes Freshman Academy. The student’s threat detailed his plan to kill students with a .38-caliber handgun and two shotguns.

• On Tuesday, a 14-year-old D.R. Hill Middle school student stood up in class and said if he had a gun, he would kill everyone.

• Two students at Wade Hampton High School were arrested last Tuesday and charged with carrying a weapon on school property. A black airsoft pistol was found in a student’s book bag in the gym locker room, and a pocketknife in the possession of another student.

• A second student had a pistol and pocketknife concealed on his person.

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Roth details how he was a target of "Catfishing"
JAN 19, 2013

Michael Roth, former University of South Carolina pitcher, says he was a target of

Former Riverside High School and University of South Carolina pitcher Michael Roth says he can relate to be a victim of  “Catfish”.

Manti Te’o of Notre Dame is embroiled in a controversy in which he says he had a relationship with a woman, and said later she never existed.

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Food Lion's closing changes grocery store landscape
JAN 18, 2013

The Food Lion at 1207 W. Wade Hampton Blvd. is scheduled to close within 30 days. Vendors will come in Monday to remove some of their inventory.

The grocery store landscape in Greer is rapidly changing ­– between the 800-1200 blocks on Wade Hampton Blvd.

Food Lion is closing its doors at 1207 W. Wade Hampton Blvd., scheduled for mid-February or as soon as its inventory is removed or sold. The Walmart Neighborhood Market, the first of its kind in South Carolina, opens in four weeks at Greer Plaza. And Publix remains interested in setting up shop in Greer.

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Inspirational evening celebrated by Greer Chamber
JAN 18, 2013

Inspirational was the keyword at the 75th Annual Greer Chamber of Commerce dinner tonight at the Embassy Suites in Greenville.

Sgt. Chad Richardson of the Greer Police Department was the recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award, two Greer area soldiers were posthumously honored for the Citizenship and Service Award and keynote speaker Craig Dietz delivered a poignant and humorous talk on overcoming Tetra-amelia syndrome (born without limbs.)

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