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Fallon is judges' pick, Snow is people's choice at CPW BBQ Cook-Off
SEP 30, 2014

Bruce Fallon, the winner of the CPW BBQ Cook-Off, reviews the judges remarks. 

Bruce Fallon became the first two-time champion (2012 winner) and Fredia Snow the only double winner, at Tuesday’s 3rd Annual CPW BBQ Cook-Off. Snow finished first in the employee’s choice and second in the judges’ picks. Rusty Edwards was third in the judges’ picks.

Carl Howell, Greer Deputy Fire Marshal, was one of five judges. “Any of the top three could have been number one,” he said.

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GCM gets $10,010 grant, MOW gets $1,000 donation
SEP 30, 2014

Spartanburg Regional Foundation trustees Garrow Crowley and Lynne Black, both left, present a $10,010 grant to GCM staff members Rob Robinson and Hannah Rainwater. 

Greer Community Ministries has received one grant and Meals on Wheels one donation.

GCM received a $10,010 grant from the Spartanburg Regional Foundation. Wells Fargo Bank in Greer donated $1,000 to Meals on Wheels.

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Ham's Eagle Scout project enhances Lake Robinson scenery
SEP 30, 2014

Ethan Ham gets congratulations from Lake Robinson game warden for a job well done

Ethan Ham, 14, works a little too fast for his liking.

Ham completed his Eagle Scout project last month by building a Carolina Fence at Lake Robinson. After a review before the Eagle Board for scout certification, Ham will have nearly four years to earn additional recognition through Eagle Palms or Venture programs. Eagle is the highest rank for scouts.

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Dining out can be a chore for people with disabilities
SEP 27, 2014

Kim Wooten enjoys dining in family- and disabled-friendly restaurants.

 • Q&A with Pete Pascuzzi, Divisional Chief for Ryan's

Dining at restaurants is typically a pleasurable and relaxing experience. However, sometimes it is not so pleasing for those with disabilities.

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Ryan's Pascuzzi: We focus on 'Making it Right' for all guests
SEP 27, 2014

Pete Pascuzzi
Divisional Chief for Ryan’s of Ovation Brands

Pete Pascuzzi, Divisional Chief for Ryan’s, of Ovation Brands, responded to Kim Wooten’s questions by email. The interview follows.

Kim: What is Ryan’s philosophy towards customers with disabilities?

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Bullock's Barber Shop has a new sign
SEP 27, 2014

The new sign at Bullock's Barber Shop shows a new beverage company sponsor.

Bullock's Barber Shop has a new sign.

The new sign is aluminum, half with Bullock’s Barber Shop with black type over a white background and the other half with a red, white and blue Pepsi logo. The signage is centered over Bullock’s awning.

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13 AEDs purchased to cut response time between life and death
SEP 26, 2014

There are two simple steps: opening the unit and applying two color-coded electrode pads that include illustrations showing exactly where to place each pad. The unit then takes over and determines if the victim’s heart needs a shock.

Thirteen automated external defibrillators (AED) have been purchased by Greer City Parks and Recreation aimed at dramatically closing the gap between life and death in cardiac arrest events.

The AEDs are mounted inside security cabinets in city facilities and all are compatible with EMS units in Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Once emergency personnel arrive, they can continue using the AED unit or plug the paddles into their unit.

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Cops for Tots tournament in October is police department's biggest fundraiser
SEP 26, 2014

The Greer Police Department's biggest fundraiser for the Cops for Tots program is its annual golf tournament, scheduled this year on Oct. 23 at Greer Country Club.

Golfers are invited to participate in the 10th Annual Cops for Tots Charity Golf tournament scheduled Thursday, Oct. 23 at Greer Country Club.

The Greer Police Department annually sponsors the tournament, its major fundraiser, to purchase gifts for under privileged children in need in the greater Greer area. The GPD invites families to submit applications for the Cops for Tots program based on family income. More than 300 families are helped annually.

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Kohl's heard Greer's pleas for a new shopping experience
SEP 26, 2014

Daryl Atkins, store manager for Kohl's, welcomed guests to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Evidently Greer shouted loud enough for Kohl’s to hear its call for a new department store.

“We listen to our customers and we listen to the community. When the community wants a store we do everything we can to put one there,” said Phillip Daniel, Kohl’s district manager. “It’s all about the customers.”

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Kim's first motorcycle ride supports fallen law enforcement officers
SEP 26, 2014

Michele Fowler takes Kim Wooten on a ride in the Deputy Roger Rice Memorial fundraiser last Sunday to benefit families of fallen law enforcement officers.

With the wind hitting my face and admiring the beauty of nature I only think of how grateful I am to be able to enjoy a motorcycle ride with my best friend — despite having Cerebral Palsy.

People with disabilities are routinely told what they cannot do, or how hard and what a burden it would be to allow us to try new things.

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Kim's first motorcycle ride pays respects to fallen officers
SEP 26, 2014

Michele takes Kim on her first motorcycle ride during the Deputy Roger Rice Memorial fundraiser honoring law enforcement men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty.

With the wind hitting my face and admiring the beauty of nature I only think of how grateful I am to be able to enjoy a motorcycle ride with my best friend—despite having Cerebral Palsy.

People with disabilities are routinely told what they cannot do, or how hard and what a burden it would be to allow us to try new things.

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Mitsubishi Polyester celebrates 50 years growing, innovating in Greer
SEP 25, 2014

Speakers at the Mitsubishi Polyester Film 50th Anniversary celebration were, left to right: Jennifer Noel (South Carolina Department of Commerce), Kazuo Sunaga (Consulate General of Japan) Bill Radlein (President/COO MPF), Takumi Ubagai (CEO Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.) Dennis Trice (CEO, MPF), and Rick Danner (Greer Mayor).

The 50th anniversary of Mitsubishi Polyester Film (MPF) commemorated the launch of an infant film plant in Greer in that grew into a North American giant producing innovative lines of polyester films.

Bill Radlein, President and COO of the Greer plant, mentioned the uniqueness of a manufacturer to exist producing the same product half a century later in the same location.

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Wild Ace groundbreaking is first new construction downtown since 2008
SEP 25, 2014

Denise and Chris VandenBerghe, owners of Wild Ace Pizza & Pub, represent the first new business construction in the central business district since Greer City Hall complex opened in 2008.

The Wild Ace Pizza and Pub groundbreaking Thursday morning represents the first new construction in downtown since the City Hall  and Municipal complex opened in 2008.

“This is significant expansion of our downtown footprint,” said City Administrator Ed Driggers, among the dignitaries at the ceremony. “It’s exactly what we envisioned and it will provide greater opportunity for revitalization of this triangle.”

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City awarded $400,000 judgment, ends 4-year Allen Bennett Hospital saga
SEP 24, 2014

The City of Greer was awarded $400,000 in a summary judgment against Garrick Good and his Cardinal Real Estate Group, Inc. when it failed to execute the sale of the Allen Bennett Hospital campus.

The City of Greer was awarded summary judgment for $400,000 from Garrick Good and his Cardinal Real Estate Group, Inc. from a proposed deal for the Allen Bennett Hospital campus that went from bad to worst for nearly four years. Mike Sell,  assistant city manager, briefed city council Tuesday.

Langley and Associates was also among the creditors given favorable judgment.

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Huffman is runnerup in Food Network national cooking contest
SEP 24, 2014

Megan Huffman has her ingredients for preparation of her Savory Sweet Potato Salad.

Megan Huffman of Greer was selected runnerup in a national cooking contest in New York City hosted by Food Network’s Sunny Anderson.

Huffman’s Savory Sweet Potato Salad recipe was among four chosen to be cooked in a promotion for Extended Stay America (ESA), featuring a fully equipped kitchen in each room.

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Trade Street getting temporary landscaping
SEP 22, 2014

Landscapers plant the boxwoods and other plants in front of BIN112 Monday morning.

The City of Greer is landscaping Trade Street, from Poinsett Street to the Depot, as part of its annual downtown improvement initiative. The shrubs were uprooted to provide more visibility for downtown shops. Boxwoods are the bushes anchoring the planters. Rosemary has also been planted.

The planters may be short-term as the city plans to upgrade the century-old infrastructure that may include sidewalk repairs. More permanent landscaping will be added when the street and sidewalk repairs are completed.

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RJ Rockers, Thomas Creek see residual impact from GSP location
SEP 20, 2014

GSP held a symbolic ribbon cutting for RJ Rockers, Thomas Creek Brewery and Hudson Brands Friday at GSP. Left to right: GSP Commissioner Bill Barnet, GSP President/CEO Dave Edwards, GSP Commissioner Minor Shaw, RJ Rockers owner Mark Johnsen, Thomas Creek owner Tom Davis, MSE Branded Foods President Jack Hough and Hudson News General Manager Jim Coleman.

RJ Rockers and Thomas Creek Brewery owners are seeing residual benefits from their brand launched restaurants on the concourse at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer.

Mark Johnsen, owner of RJ Rockers, and Tom Davis, owner of Thomas Creek Brewery, were part of a symbolic ribbon cutting with Hudson and MSE Brands Friday at GSP. The restaurants opened July 14.

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Lt. Holcombe: 'Enough is enough' for domestic violence
SEP 19, 2014

Call 911 at the first sign of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence help guide

Here’s a sobering thought.

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VIDEO: See Chris Brown share his life-saving story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
SEP 18, 2014

Chris Brown, a Greer postal service carrier, talks with Ellen DeGeneres how he miraculously saved Eli, son of Stephanie Cooper.

Read Chris Brown’s story.

Stephanie Cooper, Eli, her one year old son, and Christopher Brown – their mailman, joined “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about how Chris miraculously saved Eli’s life.

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Greer hero appears on Ellen Degeneres Show Thursday
SEP 17, 2014

Greer US Postal Service carrier Chris Brown saved infant's life with Heimlach maneuver.

Chris Brown, a Greer postal worker who saved an infant’s life last month, will appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday at 4 p.m. on WYFF-TV.

Brown performed a Heimlach maneuver on a child who ingested a plastic bag that blocked his air passages. The child expelled the bag and did not require any medical attention.

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