Greer says goodbye to a child of the city

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Tuesday, March 20, 2012


“The whole Greer community was behind Dyno 100 percent,” Miller said. “There were numerous people and families that contributed to his quality of life, but none were so great to top what he gave to all of Greer.”

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Brandon DeBaron Talley, affectionately known as

Brandon DeBaron Talley, affectionately known as "Dynamite", will be remembered more for what he meant to the community.

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Greer High School Archives

"Dynamite",  bottom row far left, was given a jersey to wear for this team photo by then head coach Travis Perry. "He was as much a member of our team as any player or coach," Perry said.

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Greer High School Archives

"Dynamite", third row far right, served as manager of the baseball team. He was a fierce competitor who didn't like losing and was focused on his responsibilities.

The Greer phone book serves as the best reference to the community that embraced Dynamite. There is little hop scotching names that had contact with Dynamite in some fashion.

Don Coggins routinely, like others, would pass Dynamite’s house on the way to games making sure he had a ride. Joe Rice was among a score of people who took Dynamite to doctor’s appointments, the hospital and for haircuts and food.

“The last time I saw Dynamite, about two to three weeks ago, at Fairview Baptist he was dressed nicely with a sport coat and tie. “He came directly at us and hugged my wife first. He was a special guy and was a pleasure to have around,” Rice said.

Dynamite had a fierce streak of competitiveness. “As much as he loved sports, Dynamite loved Greer High School. When we lost in football he took losing as hard as I did as a head coach,” Perry said.

Parents and grandparents reminded Dynamite of his responsibility for keeping younger ballboys and managers safe during a game. “I have a grandson who was a waterboy. Leland (Burch) and Bob (Thornton) also had grandsons on the sideline. “We told Dynamite “Don’t let these guys get in trouble,” Rice said.

“He was serious about his work with the team. When it came time to do his job he became focused and he got it done,” Perry said.

Dynamite kept going to games and on the occasion they were played out of town and too far to travel, he would sit at home listening to Gravely and the Greer Sports Network report the play by play. “Dynamite would write down the statistics,” Tony Tipton, a former Greer quarterback, said. “He was a history book for Greer sports. Ask him who won a game in a particular year and he would tell you the score and winning team.”

Richardson maybe summed up Brandon Dynamite Talley’s life recalling the United States Marine Corps saying: “Where every day is a holiday and every meal is a feast.” “That’s how Dynamite lived his life. He showed so many people the positive side of life. It’s really tough to put into words to describe him. In his own way he was a role model for all those that befriended him by commanding their attention that life is not where you live it but with who and how you live it with.”

A poignant moment will take place after today’s service. Dynamite’s 2003 State Championship football ring will be removed and then displayed next to the State Championship trophy in the high school’s showcase. “He found a way to contribute and he will go down in history as one of the greatest contributors to Greer athletics,” Perry said. “He left a legacy with Greer. Nothing was given to Dynamite. He earned everything. He is one of the most giving people Greer has ever known. He epitomizes Greer.”

“The Road to Glory” is a video documenting the football team’s 2003 unbeaten season en route to the state football championship. Dynamite is prominently featured celebrating with his teammates the ultimate prize in high school football.

Justin Miller offered a prayerful thought about Brendan DeBaron “Dynamite’s” Talley path to his “Road to Glory”.

“Dynamite is with the Lord because his heart was right and he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He would want anyone who doesn’t know where they are going when they die to ask someone how they can receive eternal life with the creator of life."


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