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It's going to be as hot as a firecracker today
JUN 30, 2012

Good News Baptist Church on Hwy. 14 was letting the motorists know how warm Friday was becoming. The same forecast is schedule today with a second consecutve 104 degree temperature expected. 

It’s going to be as hot as a firecracker Saturday. That will fit in perfectly with the Greer Memorial Freedom Blast where a 15-minute fireworks display will end a day of activities at Greer City Park.

Remember how Friday felt with the record for the date at 105 degrees, 4 degrees higher than the previous standard, with a heat advisory coupled with an air quality alert. Because that’s how you’re going to feel Saturday. Friday’s high temperature was four degrees warmer than the previous 101.

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Precautions to make July 4 week safer
JUN 30, 2012

Here are some American Red Cross recommended precautions that will make your July 4 week safer.

Dress for the heat: Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing, a hat or an umbrella.

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Buddy system suggested for elderly during heat wave
JUN 30, 2012

Elderly residents are a high risk for heat related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. According to the American Red Cross, heat has caused more deaths in recent years than all other weather related events.

Craig Dittmar, Executive Director of Greer Community Ministries, said the organization is taking steps to spot needs of the elderly.

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GHS joins Cancer Support Community in unique partnership
JUN 26, 2012

Hywel Morris and Janet Jones, cancer survivors, attended today's cancer partnership announcement held at the Greenville Hospital System Cancer Center.


Recognizing that social and emotional support are critical components of complete cancer care, Greenville Hospital System announced today the Center for Integrative Oncology and Survivorship and a pioneer partnership with Cancer Support Community (CSC) – one of the largest worldwide providers of social and emotional support for cancer patients and their caregivers.

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Gibbs Cancer Center, St. Francis partner to fight cancer
JUN 25, 2012

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s Gibbs Cancer Center, a partner with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and an affiliate of M.D. Anderson Physicians Network, has joined forces with Bon Secours St. Francis Health System to expand world-class oncology services and clinical research in the Upstate.

Gibbs, a leader in community-centered cancer care, is home to a growing clinical research division. The alignment of cancer core resources and treatment between the systems initiates a relationship that will advance clinical integration, bolster quality and extend new opportunities for both patients and providers for advanced treatment and research unparalleled in the area, CEOs for both institutions said.

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Village Hospital hosts Women's Works event Tuesday
JUN 24, 2012

The Village Hospital is hosting a Women's Works event Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the hospital's Medical Office Building Community Center.

Find out how robotic surgery works at a fun, interactive event. Hors d’oeuvres will be are available as models show the latest in fashion. A chair massage and shopping will be available before learning about the newest minimally invasive techniques in women’s health from the experts at Spartanburg Regional. Register online.

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Greenville Hospital offers variety of free healthcare events
JUN 19, 2012

The Greenville Hospital System calendar of events.

Metabolic Syndrome
Wednesday, June 20, 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m.
At the Greenville Hospital System Life Center
Learn the risk factors that make up the metabolic syndrome and steps you can take to prevent or control diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Call 455-4010 to register.

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Garden is growing well, time to fine tune weeds, diseases, pests
JUN 1, 2012

Alyssa Lopes takes the pose of a model as she measures herself to a growing tomato plant at the community garden. Oh, Alyssa said she does commercials for her father's business – Paradise Jewelers on Woodruff Road. 

For GreerToday.com

Buddy Waters, a Master Gardener, is overseeing the Greer Memorial Community Garden. The garden is beginning to bear some vegetables and Waters frequently visits the garden and offers tips and guidance from what he sees.

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