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Brian Brigham antique store opens Monday on Trade Street
JAN 31, 2015

Brian Brigham, owner, left, and Jonathan Reyes, store manager stand in front of a mirror that once was at the Waldorf-Astoria.

The Brian Brigham Antique & Interior Market opens 10 a.m. Monday at 116 Trade Street.

Home furnishings and accessories, antiques, vintage jewelry, chandeliers, pillows and artwork are among the items featured at  the refurbished former Bank of Greer.

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Co-founder of Langston-Black leaving the firm
JAN 29, 2015

The co-founder of Langston-Black Real Estate is leaving the firm to pursue new opportunities in commercial real estate.

David Black, who co-founded the Greer company with Chuck Langston, almost 25 years ago, announced today he is moving, “on to begin a new chapter in my endeavors in the field of commercial real estate.”

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Former Exide battery plant to be demolished in February
JAN 29, 2015

The former Exide battery plant will be demolished and the material removed once DHEC issues its

The long-awaited demolition of the former Exide battery plant will begin in mid-February.

The 131,000-square-foot plant on Chick Springs Road closed in 1995 but it left behind a contaminated site from the lead produced batteries.

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Unscrupulous? Spartanburg County sinks Greer annexation plan
JAN 28, 2015

Spartanburg County is footing the bill for a $1 million sewer project that effectively precludes Greer’s participation in the development of Bass Pro Shops at I-85 and Highway 101. The crux of that is it takes the idea of annexing any part of the 77-acre property, bordering Greer, out of sight and out of mind for Greer City Council.

That’s just the way Spartanburg County Council wanted it. The council approved 1.25 miles of a gravity sewer line on Tuesday with the Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District which will be repaid $150,000 per year until the project ($1,050,000) is paid off.

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Aldi entering Greer grocery store market
JAN 27, 2015

Aldi will build its 17,000-square-foot store at Poinsett Street and Mt. Vernon Road.

Aldi is entering the Greer market with a 17,000-square-foot grocery store to be built at Poinsett and Wade Hampton Blvd, at the former site of the D & D Motors used car lot.

The store will occupy 1.9 acres of the 7.9-acre parcel. The remaining six acres will be developed later.

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USDA reportedly clears Hollywild of non-compliance
JAN 26, 2015

USDA inspectors reportedly cleared Hollywild Animal Park in an inspection Monday noting, “no non-compliant items were found” to cause an electrical fire that resulted in the death of 28 animals in a primate barn on Jan. 9.

The animals died of smoke inhalation, according to fire officials.

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Beware of IRS impostors
JAN 26, 2015

Beware of IRS impostors

Citizens Building & Loan

With identity theft on the rise, Citizens Building & Loan wants to make sure you are aware of the growing problem of IRS impostors.

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Greer Memorial gets best Upstate hospital score in Medicare-rated program
JAN 26, 2015

Scores for healthcare at Greer Memorial Hospital (Greenville Health System) continue to boost its medical campus rating.

Greer Memorial earned a 1.35 score, the lowest in the Upstate, as part of Medicare’s Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC) Reduction Program. Hospitals were rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best on three types of HACs – central-line associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and rate of serious complications for eight types of injuries ranging from bedsores and falls to blood clots and hip fractures.

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Magazine ranks Greer Memorial No. 9 nationally for safety and respect
JAN 26, 2015

Greer Memorial Hospital is ranked No. 9 nationally by Consumer Reports in its February edition for safety and respect.

Greer Memorial Hospital is ranked No. 9 nationally by Consumer Reports in its February edition for safety and respect. The hospital’s score of 68 is only 11 points behind top-ranked Oaklawn (Marshall, Mich.) Hospital.

“I’m happy for Greer, those are the people we serve,” John Mansure, President of Greer Medical Campus (Greenville Hospital System), said. “It’s amazing. It’s everybody working together. My leadership team, we see everything the same way.”

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Aviation tower roof put in place atop new Wild Ace restaurant
JAN 24, 2015

The red top of the aviation tower is lifted to be put in place.

The top to the aviation tower at the new Wild Ace Restaurant and Pub at 103 Depot Street was put in place last week.

The topping out represents the highest point, 32-feet, of the restaurant.

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Inland port is a magnet for new commerce and community growth
JAN 23, 2015

'Using a baseball analogy, we are in the second inning of a nine-inning game.'
Jim Newsome
President and CEO of South Carolina Ports Authority

Jim Newsome delivered a glowing message to more than 400 business leaders on the impact the Inland Port at Greer plays in the state’s commerce. 

“We are very much dependent on trucks. Every container in the world somehow rides a truck,” Newsome, president and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority, said. “They (containers) come by rail to Greer and they still have to go out by truck to somewhere else.”

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Harvey awarded Citizenship and Service honor at annual chamber banquet
JAN 23, 2015

Chief Chris Harvey of the Greer Fire Department was honored as the recipient of the Citizenship and Service Award.

Chief Chris Harvey of the Greer Fire Department was honored as the recipient of the Citizenship and Service Award at the 77th Annual Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce Thursday night.

Just hours earlier Harvey’s retirement was officially announced for May 1, ending a 38-year career with the Greer Fire Department.

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Greer State Bank provides annual report
JAN 22, 2015

Greer Bancshares Incorporated, (GBRS) the parent company of Greer State Bank, Thursday reported annual net income attributable to common shareholders of $3.03 million or $1.22 per diluted common share, as compared to the prior year (Dec. 31, 2013) net income of $8.20 million or $3.30 per diluted common share.

The prior year was aided significantly by a credit to the loan loss provision for $1.7 million, as well as a net tax benefit of $3.8 million due to the non-cash reversal of the deferred tax asset valuation allowance.

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Fire Chief Harvey's retirement becomes official May 1
JAN 22, 2015

The city honored Greer Fire Chief Chris Harvey with the dedication of its new fire truck to commemorate his 38-year tenure.

Greer Fire Chief Chris Harvey will retire on May 1 after completing 38 years of service to the city and its residents.

“In this day and age, it’s rare for anyone to commit 38 years to a single organization, but Chief Harvey has made the city the cornerstone of his professional life and we are grateful for his skilled service and strong leadership,” City Administrator Ed Driggers said.

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Inland Port records 42,555 rail moves in first full calendar year
JAN 21, 2015

GreerToday was there to capture the first cargo being loaded at the Inland Port

The South Carolina Inland Port at Greer handled 3,741 rail moves in December, completing its first full calendar year of operation in 2014 with 42,555 total rail moves.

Greer’s container traffic helped the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) to report container traffic up 12 percent in 2014.

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Dave Ramsey: Stop going places where you are tempted to spend money
JAN 19, 2015

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave,

My mom and dad always told me to live below my means, but they never showed me how to make it happen. I’ve gotten out of debt and fallen back in several times. I want to get control of my money and stop busting my budget. How do I keep from falling back again?

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Letter: CPW commissioners asked to clarify operating costs
JAN 18, 2015

Dear Mr. Howell,

As a Greer CPW customer, I have a question about the recent announcements following your December budget meeting. CPW announced an operating cost increase for 2015 of 3.7% which is double the actual rate for 2014 and still well in excess of predictions for 2015 (inflation in 2014 was 1.8% and the expected rate for 2015 is 2.1% according to Economist Intelligence Unit forecasts). 

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Piedmont Natural Gas files for another gas rate reduction
JAN 16, 2015

Piedmont Natural Gas Friday filed to further reduce its natural gas sales rates for customers in South Carolina and North Carolina. It’s the company’s second such request in as many months. 

In December, PNG requested and received approval to reduce its sales rates for customers in both states effective January 1 as a result of declining wholesale natural gas costs which Piedmont passes through to customers on a dollar for dollar basis.

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D & D Motors reconditions vehicle for GCM client
JAN 16, 2015

Sue Hollingsworth is presented with a 2012 Kia Forte that was reconditioned by D & D Ford.

Sue Hollingsworth, a Greer Community Ministries client, received a reconditioned 2012 Kia Forte on Thursday as part of the Recycled Ride program.

Hollingsworth, from Taylors, was in need of a car for errands, transportation to church and visiting her friends at GCM.

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6-10 story world-class Gibbs Cancer Center planned for Greer
JAN 15, 2015

A 6-to-10 story Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute at Pelham is planned as the next phase to the medical complex across from the Pelham Medical Center.

A 6-to-10 story Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute at Pelham is planned as the next phase to the medical complex across from the Pelham Medical Center.

Jimmy and Marshall Gibbs, benefactors of the Gibbs Cancer Center, and Dr. James Bearden III described the cancer center as one of a kind unrivaled in the U.S.

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